Bhrigu Lake Trek Difficulty
Bhrigu Lake Trek

Bhrigu Lake Trek Difficulty, Bhrigu lake Trek is one of the best summer treks in Himachal Himalaya. It also offers beautiful mountain landscapes, different varieties of flowers, waterfalls and a well-maintained nature trail. As such, Himachal has loads of beautiful trekking opportunities to be had. The main attraction of the Bhrigu lake Trek is the beautiful trekking trail you are sure to come across the natural beauty of the trail, lush meadows, and breathtaking views.

Trekking in Himachal really is a must-visit destination for everyone. The lovely trail takes you through beautiful mountain scenery until you reach the Bhrigu lake top.


Bhrigu lake Route:

Manali – Gulaba– Rola khuli – Bhrigu lake – Pandu rupa

Altitude: 14,000 feet

Total Trekking Distance: 25 km

Location: Himachal

Best Time: April to June, September to November

Duration:  2 night/ 3 days


How Difficult is the Bhrigu lake Trek for first-timer?

Bhrigu lake Trek is a kind of easy summer trek with a wonderful view of the snowy mountain peaks. It is a perfect trek for beginners and is also the perfect weekend trek in Himachal Himalaya. If you are a nature lover and want to experience Himalaya in a unique way, then Bhrigu lake trek is recommended from April to June, September to November.

Trekking up a mountain is a wonderful activity to indulge in. Believe me, trekking is such a wonderful and rewarding experience. However, one must be prepared! It is continuously good to challenge yourself. Fitness is very important as a result of everyday trekking are going to be an average 7-8 km. Similarly, Bhrigu lake Trek difficulty level is depending on your fitness.


About the Bhrigu lake Trek Distance

The total trekking distance of Bhrigu lake is 25 km that starts from Gulaba. The trekking trail passes through the meadows and the fantastic beauty of the majestic mountains.

Bhrigu lake Trek Distance from Manali to Gulaba: 22 km drive

Rola khuli to Bhrigu lake to Pandu ropa: 6 km

Pandu ropa to Manali: 8 km

Compelete itinerary of Bhrigu lake trek

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