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Which is the best time for the Brahmatal Trek?  The journey starts from kathgodam to lohajung and then trek towards Brahmatal trek, among one of the most well-known treks not only in Uttarakhand but in the entire world. This trek leads you through rhododendrons stretches, cedar, oak, and coniferous forests.

But what are the reasons making the Brahmatal trek so unique that it is on every trekker’s bucket list?

There are many reasons for making Brahmatal trek so unique. Brahmatal winter trekking trail is the combination of snowy mountain peaks, clear blue sky and the snow-covered trekking trail in winters. Brahmatal Trek best time is in winters when the trekking trail is filled with snow. These fantastic beauties of this trekking trail are the reasons why even trekkers all around the world want to experience this trek in winters.


Which is the best time for the Brahmatal Trek

If you want to visit Brahmatal Trek in Uttarakhand, the best time to travel is the late wintertime. Brahmatal Trek is widely known as the best winter Trek in Uttarakhand. And the best time for Brahmatal Trek during winters from December to March. When the sky is clear and you love seeing a white blanket of snow everywhere.

 The best time to avoid Brahma tal trekking trail is during the monsoon season. Because the rain makes the trekking trail slippery and may also include unexpected landslides and roadblocks.

Though Brahmatal trekking trail is the best destination throughout the year, winter has its own magical beauty. In the wintertime, from December to March is a perfect time to plan for Brahmatal Trek in Uttarakhand. Brahmatal Trek best time is in winters when the trekking trail is filled with snow. During these months, trekkers can enjoy the wonderful trekking trail with clear blue sky and blanket of snow all around.

If you are planning to do Brahmatal trek, these months are best for you. The entire trekking trail is covered with snow, and one can also see the snowy mountain peaks with the background of blue sky which is the biggest achievement in itself.

brahmatal trek best season


Peaks visible from Brahmatal summit

You can see the magnificent view of the majestic mountain peaks from the Brahmatal summit. Brahmatal is in the height of 12,500 feet above sea level from where trekkers can see the most attention-grabbing 360-degree view of the snowy peaks. The visible peaks from summit point like Mount Trishul 1,2,3, mount Nandaghunti, Ronti saddle, hathi ghori peak, Nilkanth peak, mount Chaukhamba, Margthuni and Gangotri – Yamnotri range.

brahmatal winter trek


Brahmatal Trekking trail facts

The trekking trail is 18 km long from lohajung and requires moderate level fitness. The Winter Brahmatal Trek starts at Lohajung, which is a place where many trekking trails start. The classic trekking trail is four days three nights long and fit for a family trip. Brahmatal Trek best time is in winters when the trekking trail is filled with snow.

The highest point of the Brahmatal trek is 12,000 feet above sea level. The Brahmatal winter trek in Uttarakhand is special in many ways but what makes it so unique from the other treks in India is the snowy trail with the natural beauty around.

brahmatal trek


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