Roopkund Lake Trek in Uttarakhand Himalaya
Roopkund Trek


Roopkund Lake Trek in Uttarakhand Himalaya

The one who loves to go on an adventure full of mysteries. Must go on the trekking route of Roopkund trek in Uttarakhand Himalaya. It has immense beauty of nature, high mountains, low valleys, glistening rivers, deepest forests, vast pastures, and also beautiful views. Indian Himalayan Mountain is an incomparable range that also attracts trekkers from worldwide. One such trekking trail that is the dream of every trekker is Roopkund lake trek, that’s why it is also known for favorite trek amongst all the trekking spots.

roopkund lake trek

Roop kund lies in Chamoli district of Uttarakhand state. Roopkund is at a height of 5029m (approx 16499 feet) in the lap of Trishul massif. Roopkund also known as Mystery and Skeletons. The lake has attracted attention because of the human skeletal remains that are visible at its bottom when the snow melts.

Apart from these, Roopkund trek is also surrounded by snow-covered mountains and glaciers. Trekkers can spot the snow leopards, Himalayan Black bear, chir pheasants and notice the myriad flower all along the trek. Roopkund, perhaps the most famous trek of Uttarakhand Himalaya, is almost picture-perfect.

Bedni Bugyal Trek

Highlights of the Roopkund skeleton lake Trek

The spectacular view of the Mt Trishul is getting closer as you climb higher when at a ridge above Roopkund. Only air separates the trekker from them and Trishul. Throughout the trekking trail to Roopkund, one can see the magnificent views of Mt. Trishul and Mt. Nandagunti. Apart from these, you see the imposing Chaukhamba range, Neelkanth peak, Kedarnath, Kedar Dome and also several other high risers on the Roopkund trekking trail.
roopkund lake trek


In this route, one will find many small villages that grow the farm of apple, peach, plum, potatoes and many more. Trekkers get a chance to stay in the mud and stone built houses. The route leading to the Roopkund lake passes through the meadows like the Bedni Bugyal and Ali Bugyal (Asia’s largest meadows). Bedni bugyal which is just 200 meters and is a very large alpine meadow. It surrounded by the thick forest of Brich, Deodhar, Apple orchards and also walnut trees. The surface of these bugyals covered with natural green grass, walking through the Ali Bugyal. Trekkers can see the white Nanda Ghunti and Trishul peak on the east.

roopkund lake trek


Some of the prominent peaks one can see from this point are Chaukhamba, Maktoli, Neelkantha and also kedarnath.
If you are going to Roopkund trek you must know these amazing things about the view/spot and temples you going to see.
1. Mount Trishul considered to be lord Shiva himself and a trek to Roopkund is along the massif of Mount Trishul.
2. Mount Nanda Ghunti which is next to Mount Trishul considered to be Goddess Parvathi (wife of Lord Shiva). From Bhagwabasa, one can also get a glimpse of both the peaks.
3.Kallu Vinayak -Also called kevalam Vinayak en route to Roopkund is a small Ganesha temple.
4.Karthikeye temple which can be seen while returning to wan from Bedni.

roopkund trek

About Temperature

The temperature in summer:
Days 15° to 20° C and Night 4°to 7°C.
At Bhagwabasa days 5° to 10° C and night 3° to -2° C

The temperature in winters:
Day 13° to 20° C and Night 2° to 7° C
At Bhagwabasa Days 3° to 10° C and Night 3° to -4° C.

Ronti saddle

So don’t have a second thought for trekking in the land of Lords (Roopkund). And just take a trek to a mysterious lake that hid human and horse skeletons for centuries, that holds together the stunning serenity. And also some serious secrets of the Uttarakhand Himalayan mountains.
I must say “let’s dance on the edge of a mysterious lake.”

Written by – Kalpana Rathore

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