Valley of Flowers Trek in India is an enthralling trek during a high altitude mountain range valley, a world heritage site, long acknowledge by noted mountainers, botanist and in literature, Valley of Flowers trekking trail is fantastic with the majestic mountain views. This hidden jewel a really distinctive home ground and a home to several types of alpine flowers and plants.

Beautiful flowers valley

Valley of flowers Trek

Which Route followed?

Haridwar->Dehradun->Mussoorie-> Haridwar->govindghat->gangaria->valley of flowers->Hemkund->Govindghat->Haridwar->Delhi->Mumbai

The main essence of our trip was Valley of Flowers Trek in India which includes Hemkund Trek too, Rest all places were like” to visit once instead of hearing about it many time”. Our trip was of 10days in August the month of 2018. You can always crop plan by planning separately Mussoorie, Dehradun.

How to Reach Valley of Flowers Trek in India?

Our first destination Mussoorie, for this we caught a train to Haridwar from Bandra at1 PM and then we took another train to Dehradun (~2Hrs).

You can take a flight direct to Dehradun or to Delhi and from there you can find buses/personal car /train- many options.

Stay: First Day stay was at Dehradun at ‘Mandakini’ hotel which was near the Railway Station and on walkable distance.

Food: Dinner was at one of the Dhaba near to hotel ‘Ustad da Dhaba’ and the taste was pretty good, in fact amazing.

2nd Day – Mussoorie

One can visit below Places based on season/Weather at Mussoorie :

  • Lal Tibba (6kms)
  • Kempty Falls (5kms)
  • Gun Hill(0 km)
  • clouds end(6kms)
  • Company Garden
  • Mall Road
  • Hapy Valley/Mini Tibet
  • Camel Stone

This map will help you to decide the sequence of places to visit if you are planning on your own else you have Cycle rickshaws.

In the morning we took a bus from Dehradun to Mussoorie (~30km) there was heavy rain since it was Aug month :).  Will recommend to always see weather condition before visiting such places and best would be winter/Apr-June season. Personally, I liked exploring this place in the rain too.

BTW, the Morning view was something like this in Mussoorie.

After a few clicks, we had breakfast in the hotel ‘Padmini Niwas‘ which blessed with a scenic view. And, it was near a bus stop. After spending 1 hr, we headed towards Chamba Mussoorie company garden by cycle rickshaw. Since Locals suggested us not to go kempty falls due to heavy rain and I believe -going against nature is always loss. Garden was 3km towards kempty fall where you can see the small nursery, wax museum, artificial waterfall, small lake, and also a food court. It was well maintained, we also tried their traditional dress there. It was fantastic.

The next stop was Gunhill 400 feet above mall road

 There we have the option to reach by ropeway but we had preferred the walk to this point. You will enjoy the journey by witnessing beautiful weather, Top view, luckily that time clouds were clear on Top. There were a small temple and food stalls, local shops.

It was ~3 PM, though there was heavy rainfall, we decided to go for a camel stone view. We did walk of 2.5 hr on the way. You have telescopes to view camel shape stone (there is no actual camel) and beauty of nature around it. There was nothing much to do in this way but it was a very peaceful calm road. In the end, we got a small break from the rain and decided to say bye to Mussoorie.

Due to rainfall, there was no bus when we reached the bus stand and another thought popped up to climb down the road by a walk that was adventurous. 10km we walked down and then we saw Mussoorie Lake which is another tourist place and then we observed buses were running up and down. So, without a second thought, we took bus from there to Dehradun. There was a lot of traffic due to rain but finally, we reached Dehradun, Had dinner at the same dhaba and then rested out at the hotel after a long day.

Mussoorie -max 1.5 day require to cover all places very peacefully and will have a different experience in winter for sure. Prepare for the Valley of Flowers Trek in Uttarakhand, India.


3rd Day -Dehradun

In Dehradun, one can visit below places:

  • SahastraDhara
  • Tapkeshwar Temple
  • Robbers Caves
  • Mind Rolling monastery
  • Paltan Bazar

In the morning, after breakfast we started for ‘Sahastradhara’ struggled a bit to get transportation. we learned there are autos with specific numbers allocated to different places. we searched for ‘2’ which was for the nearest stop to sahastradhara but unluckily we couldn’t get one so we caught a bus to get drop-in between. From there we took personal auto. Our driver was local and had a good understanding of places so it was worth. This place is actually very isolated and away from the main road. you should have personal transportation or you can also do a small trek till there.

Sahastradhara was the very scenic place, as its name defines it is actually a thousand cascading continuous thin waterfalls. There is a historical story behind this from Mahabharata. You will find their sulfur water spring which has its own medical importance.

At this location, you have ropeway to go 150rs/Person from where you can enjoy the top view which was something like this.

Next Stop supposed to be Robbers caves but due to rainfall, the level of water inside the cave was raised and the driver suggests not to go as one needs to walk from that water. Then the driver suggested Tapkeshwar temple of Lord Shiva and really it was amazing.

it has a very amazing architecture and calm place situated inside a natural cave. You will find water drops from the ceiling of the cave (that’s why it’s Tapakeshwar ) hence continuous thin stream on shivlinga which is very interesting and spectacular.  I think it’s must visit the place.

The starting point of the Valley of Flowers Trek is Haridwar

Same Day at ~6 PM we caught a train to ‘Haridwar’ since our Trek pick up for the next day was from Haridwar Railway Station.

So we took Stay near the railway station, ’Trishul‘ hotel. Very compact room but we were ok as it was just 1 night, in fact, few hours only. We just wrapped up our bags, got fresh and went to attend ‘Ganga Arti’ as we heard a lot about it. It’s a different beautiful experience but felt sad also about the Ganga river as it’s badly getting polluted and people still don’t care.

That day Ganga river water level was raised due to heavy rainfall. Few clicks from there…

Haridwar is much crowded and many hotels, restaurants, very commercialized. At the end of day, we had dinner at chotiwala and then must have ‘Khir’ at Hoshiyar Puri. Get Ready for Valley of Flowers Trekking in Uttarakhand


4th Day – Valley of Flowers Trek in India

 Haridwar -Govindghat 

Basically this day was our 1st day of ‘Valley of Flowers Trek’ via Himalayan Climber. Our Valley of Flowers Trek in India package starts from here. We were having pick up at 6 AM from Haridwar station to Govindghat (~275km). The road was too dangerous after all it was Uttarakhand. Due to landslides, our car stopped at Chamoli. Driver asked us to get down and suggest a route to get pick up from another location towards Govindghat.

 It was a 1 km walk down. Finally, in the evening we reached Govindghat. We met our guide ‘Pushkar’ for a complete trek. The base camp of Valley of flowers monsoon trek is Govinghat, India. Govindghat is a very remote village, naturally beautiful. You will be in the lap of the mountains, always from mobiles, network. There you will find only BSNL network, that too not always. From this place, Badrinath is just 25km but not recommended in the rainy season.

flowers valley trail


5th Day – Govindghat to Gangaria

Our Backpack was ready to start 14km walk/climbing towards ghangaria. Pushkar has done all formalities to submit all documents and then to get permission for us.
First time to climb 14km straight away. Valley of Flowers Trek in India starts from here.

we started at 8 Am. The Valley of Flowers Trek in India, the view was breathtaking.

You will forget all your problems and will think just about nature, people who stay there and their challenges. At some point, you will thank god for what you have and will be proud to be part of a beautiful country. These mountains were teaching like ‘Be strong as me’. Valley of Flowers Trek Uttarakhand India, is amazing with the fantastic view of the mountains and greenery all around.

we reached around 5.30PM to Gangaria. It was very tiring; legs were paining but worth it. Gangaria was the too remote place. You can find hotels then there itself, we were not having advance booking. Pushkar arrange room for us, its not that great but today we need badly sleep to get ready for the next day to ‘valley of flower’.

trail to Valley of Flowers


6th Day- Trek to Valley of Flowers in India 

From Gangaria, Valley of Flowers’ is ~5km, you will just get engrossed into nature. Nothing much to say. There many different kinds of flowers, mountains and also waterfalls -just enjoyed walking through this valley. Defined trail and very easy trekking route till Phoolo ki ghati.

we had packed up our lunch from Gangaria itself. You won’t find any shop at this place so plan accordingly.

On the same day, we came back by to gangaria by 3 PM. In the evening, we watched a movie in’ valley of flowers’. I would recommend watching this before actually visiting valley of flowers. Valley of flowers trek in india is really awesome with this natural beauty. Enjoy the trekking trail and then back to Ghangaria.

greenery all around


7th Day – Trek to Hemkund Sahib and back to Ghangaria.

The trekking trail of Hemkund valley of flowers Trek through the real beauty of this area till Hemkund sahib. Hemkund Sahib – holy place, one of the highest peak and at highest altitude gurudwara in India. The total trekking distance is around 6Km stiff climb from Gangaria. We started at 8 AM something at a target to reach was 11:30 AM.

Since gurudwara gets close at 2 PM something. You have a predefined route, in between food stalls available. You will see all aged people in this way to visit gurudwara. On the top, you have hemkund Lake. Unfortunately, due to fog we couldn’t get a clear view of it but we had Langar at Gurudwara  And, then back to Ghangaria. 1 PM we started climbing down to Gangaria with a lot of many memories.

People can face issues with breathing due to high altitude but you can always rest and start walk. There is another option, you can get horses, man cart. Man cart something saw the first time, one human is carrying another human.

Hemkund sahib lake


8th Day : Valley of flowers trek in India- Back to Govindghat

on this last day of Valley of Flowers Hemkund Sahib Trek in India, we climbed 14km down from Gangaria to Govindghat. We reached 3 PM, received Network in-between. So, everybody got busy for a few minutes. That day Govindghat bit crowded then we understood Badrinath bus couldn’t make to Badrinath due to landslides. So, all Tourists from that bus get down to Govindghat.

The next day we supposed to reach back Haridwar, due to heavy rain and landslides it was hard to find transportation to Haridwar through Pushkar was trying hard to get one.

Since there was nothing much to do so always be ready with some entertainment stuff too.

9th Day – Govindghat to Haridwar

I remember it was 5:45 AM. Pushkar knock our door and asked to get ready in 15mins since he stops one of public transportation bus to get a drop to Haridwar. Somehow we managed to pack our bags and get into bus.

Our train was at 11 PM to Delhi from Haridwar but we couldn’t make out thought ~7 PM is usual time bus reaches to Haridwar. Why? here it is.

The journey was super adventurous, narrow roads, heavy rain, landslides. On the way, we got stuck on the road due to landslide and it took 5 hr to clear the road. we got a seat just behind bus driver so we could see how dangerous to drive in the rainy season that too on a narrow road, these drivers must get some awards. We reached Haridwar at 11:15 PM and we missed our train.

I must say, we missed our train but still we happy just because we reached safely to Haridwar. We booked ~5 AM train to Delhi since it was a long day.  We had a flight to Mumbai in noon.

~11 AM we had breakfast in Delhi then everybody flew to their own way to home.