Chadar Frozen River Trek is essentially performed on a frozen river known as Zanskar. Chadar Trek is one for the adrenaline -junkies that prefer to go all-in or all out. Throughout the summer it did not let down enthusiastic travelers for river rafting and lovely view for photography. Chadar Trek can provide you with an opportunity to run on the frozen Zanskar river. Chadar trek is also a large favorite among Indians and non-Indians. Meant to be tried only by seasoned professionals, chadar trek is regarding focus, endurance, and fitness. 

Description of the Chadar Frozen River Trek

The Chadar frozen river trek, that is one among the popular winter trek. And is also one of the longest trekking trail in the Indian Himalaya. The Chadar Frozen river winter Trek covers a whole stretch of 90 km in 8 days. Like a box to Paradise trail, the Chadar trek swipes many trekkers’ dreams creating it a part of their diary. The journey of the Chadar trek starts from Ladakh to the snowbound villages of the Zanskar valley. Chadar frozen river Trek can provide you you can appoint Unity to steer on the Frozen Zanskar River. It’s a large favorite among Indians and non-Indians.

Chadar trek is also challenging the ability and endurance of trekkers. The wonder is even more surreal as one moves ahead. So, this Chadar trek in Ladakh is the most celebrated and exquisite trek of the region. Trekkers can get an opportunity to walk on a frozen river bed, live in caves on the way. And fight the Twin difficulties of cold and attitude that makes this winter trek adventurous. Chadar trek Ladakh is doubtless one of the best treks for all adventure lovers. The beauty of the Chadar Frozen River Trek- Chadar Trek attracts many tourists, however, it’s harsh and deserted surroundings is kind of demanding. On a  Chadar Frozen River Trek- Chadar Trek, you would meet the locals perceive their way of living in one in all the most unlivable regions within the world.

Chadar Trek Weather

The weather is generally cold and frozen beauty that makes your trip memorable. The temperature is 20 degree below the freezing point and generally goes even further below. So, one should attempt to generate in a body heat by walking over sustained periods of time. Lastly, all the investing in durable footwear is suggested for all treks, this one extremely demands it.

Throughout the summer this river becomes an ideal winter trekking destination for river rafting expedition. And during winters, it transforms into an ice sheet. Chadar trek attracts many trekkers from everywhere the planet. It is one in all the most exciting and difficult trek. The Chadar trek is more or less 105 km on feet.

Chadar Trek Best Season

The best time to visit Chadar trek is from January to February. It is the time when the higher layer of the Zanskar river freezes. And the Zanskar rivers seems like a sheet of ice. During the winter season, the Zanskar river converts into ice. And also giving you an ideal platform for trekking. The trekking trail to the Zanskar Valley goes to be difficult. However, exciting one because of the ice walls is vertical clips, that are up to 600 meter high. And therefore the Zanskar river is narrow and about 5 meters wide.
It is one of those treks that tops the bucket list for several seasoned trekkers. It connects the indescribably lovely mountains framed Leh. Chadar Trek is a frozen river trek that accurately interprets to walking on frozen ice along with your own backpack. Chadar trek is just attainable through the months of January and February. In this month the only time that the Zanskar river is frozen. Chadar trek Ladakh is an experience for the brave-hearted that look for a thrill. The weather of the Chadar winter trek shakes your confidence a bit. However, if you will be able to surpass that then the journey to this land is going to be the most wonderful experience of your life.

Day 1 : Chadar Frozen River Trek- Chadar Trek:  Fly to Leh

Flying over miles and miles of heavily snowed mountains will tell you just why it’s impossible to reach Ladakh by road in the winters. The moment you land at Leh airport, one of the highest airports in the world, you will feel the fresh and crisp air. And also a drastic drop in the temperature. Chadar Trek is a fantastic trek. 

Dwelling in the heart of mountain peaks in Ladakh. It is the mountain desert Kingdom that’s a visible treat for all trekkers. Chadar trek Ladakh finished on the frozen stream of Zanskar. Trekking in Ladakh, especially the winter Chadar trek is every trekkers dream.

The town has just begun shedding off the thick winter slumber and is slowly coming to life. Taking a stroll through the Leh market, you will find that very few shops and eateries in the town are open for business; but if required, some last-minute shopping for the trek can be done here. Leh is the starting point of the Stok kangri trek and chadar trek. The chill in the air will serve only as a preview of the temperatures during this winter trek. Reach, relax and then the night spent in a cozy guest house.


Day 2 : Chadar Frozen River Trek- Chadar Trek- Drive to Tilad Do via Chilling

You can start the morning by witnessing the sunrise from the Shanti Stupa, from where you can get a panoramic view of the entire town of Leh and its surroundings. You can also see the peak of Stok Kangri almost beckoning you to climb it. But today’s agenda includes a very picturesque and thrilling long-drive to Chilling.
Zanskar trek or the Chadar frozen river trek offers an experience of a period of time to adrenaline-seeking trekkers. Chadar trek is an ancient tracking route that connects villages within the Zanskar Valley. It is located deep in the mountains with chilling, on the road to Leh. The Chadar trekking ancient trail has been used for centuries for trade and transportation.
When this trek is not frozen, the Zanskar is a massive and fast-flowing river. Once you trek on the frozen Zanskar, you are essentially walking on a sheet of eyes of varying thickness.
The roller-coaster ride takes you along the Indus to the village of Nimu, where the Zanskar converges into Indus. After stopping at this confluence point to take in the view, the drive continues and the road begins descending right into the river valley.

Day 3 : Tilad Do to Gyalpo

The biggest challenge of this day and all the remaining days is to get out of the warm toasty sleeping bags and go out into the giant freezer outside, but the steaming cups of tea being served provide ample motivation. it is one of those treks that tops the bucket list for several seasoned trekkers. It connects the indescribably lovely mountains framed Leh.

Chadar Trek is a frozen river trek that accurately interprets to walking on frozen ice along with your own backpack. Chadar trek is just attainable through the months of January and February. In this month the only time that the Zanskar river is frozen.

Today is a long walking session, about 12 km, on the Chadar.  Depending on the weather, the Chadar can assume various forms. The locals, it appears, have a sixth sense as to where exactly to step on the Chadar Frozen River Trek- Chadar Trek.

Day 4 : Gyalpo to Tibb Cave

  This day follows the same early morning routine: bed tea at 7, breakfast at 8, and quick-march at 8:30. Have a good breakfast, as today is the longest walk of the day – almost 14 km. But that is nothing to worry about, all the walking keeps you incredibly warm. 

The Chadar trek is a winter trekking trail in the Zanskar reason of Ladakh, in Jammu and Kashmir. In the native language, Chadar suggests that blanket. Chadar trek Ladakh is completely on the frozen Zanskar river that provides an access trekking trail to the Zanskar valley. It is used by locals and tourists through the winter seasons. The walls both side of the river rises vertical cliffs up to 600 m high. Some places the Zanskar river is just 5m wide.

Day 5 : Tibb Cave to Naerak

Today is the most spectacular of all days on Chadar trek. Walking on the river you cross deep gorges and reach a point where Juniper trees are covered with prayer flags. The porters give you a twig of this tree tied with a piece of prayer flag as a badge of good-luck and good-health.

A few steps away stands the mother-of-all frozen waterfalls. A huge instance of suspended animation several feet tall and equally wide. You can see dozens of colors in this enormous ice structure as sunlight plays off its surface. Right next to the waterfall is a bridge across the river which is a part of the summer-time road from Zanskar to Leh.

Day 6 :   Naerak to Tibb

Today you start the return journey and go back to the Tibb cave. And if you thought that it just a matter of retracing your steps back to Chilling, you can think again.

The Zanskar River reacts to the slightest change of temperature, and constantly keeps repackaging itself. The Chadar Frozen River Trek- Chadar Trek would have assumed a completely new form. And will it will almost be impossible to say whether you have been here before.

Day 7 :  Chadar Frozen River Trek- Chadar Trek-  Tibb to Gyalpo

Starting from Tibb, go up to Gyalpo today. The high walls of mountains rising from the sides of the river almost look like castle walls. You can also see several trails of pug-marks all along the trek – footprints belonging to foxes, ibex or snow-leopards. You would be lucky to view a snow-leopard, but you can almost be sure that you are being watched by one all the time.

Day 8 :  Gyalpo to Tilad Do, and drive to Leh

This is the last day of treading on the Chadar Frozen River Trek. The last chance to immerse in the pristine beauty of the frozen river. Once you reach Tilad Do, it is time to say good-bye to the Zanskar and the Zanskaries. Himalayan Climber team and our helpers will take good care of you and also make this trek one of the most memorable experiences for you. And then tonight you get to sleep in a warm guest-house again.

Day 9 :  Depart from Leh

As this unforgettable journey gets over. You depart from Leh having a newfound respect for the Zanskaries who brave all odds and survive with style in their beloved land. This trek also leaves behind a tremendous feeling of accomplishment. One of having undertaken and endured an extraordinary and challenging trek. And the Chadar Frozen River Trek will also be a cherished memory for life.

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Additional information

Duration9 days


  • Meals while on trek (Veg., Egg).
  • All entry fees and permits.
  • Accommodation:- Guest house, camping during Trek.
  • Qualified & mountaineering certified Trek Leader, Guide and Support staff.
  • First aid medical kits
  • Trek equipments (Sleeping Bag, Inner, Mattress, Tents, Kitchen tent, dinning tent, toilet tent).


  • Transport to and from the base camp is to be paid directly to the driver.
  • Any kind of personal expenses.
  • Food during the transit.
  • Mules or porter to carry personal luggage.
  • Insurance.
  • Anything not specifically mentioned under the cost.


  • Backpack (Rucksack) (60 ltr -70ltr) with comfortable shoulder straps and back pack rain cover
  • Walking Stick
  • Water Bottle
  • Head Torch & with Extra Batteries
  • Lighter


  • Down Jacket
  • Fleece Jacket & T-Shirt
  • Windproof Jacket
  • Windproof & Waterproof Trek Pants
  • Thermal Trouser
  • Woolen Hat
  • Waterproof and Woolen Gloves
  • Gaiters
  • 5 Pair Woolen Socks & Light Cotton Socks

Foot Wear

  • Trekking Shoes

Miscellaneous Items

  • Sun Block for Lips
  • Sun Protection Cream
  • Sun Glasses it should be U/V Protected
  • Toilet Kit (Toilet Paper) & Quick Dry Towels
  • Water Purifying Tablets
  • Medical & First-Aid Kit
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