Gaumukh Tapovan Nandanvan Trek offers the picturesque sight of the Garhwal Himalayan trekking, provides the facility of camping, and also this trek is considered to be a trail for nature lovers. Gaumukh Tapovan Nandanvan trekking trail passes through the pine trees, Chatturangeni and Gangotri Glacier. Experience rock climbing, glacier traversing, which makes this trail even more adventurous. Gaumukh Nandanvan Tapovan trek is famous for mountain climbing, trekking, boulder hopping, rock climbing, and glacier climbing. These types of thrill activities can also be done in this place. It is considered one of the most rewarding treks in Uttarakhand Himalaya.

The best thing that you will find in Gangotri Tapovan Nandanvan trek is to see the origin of the Holy Ganga. And in this trekking trail, you can also see the outstanding view of the several smaller snow-covered peaks and glaciers. Tapovan Nandanvan Trek is one of the most adventurous journeys in the Garhwal Himalayan region. Gangotri Tapovan Nandanvan Trek is also considered one of the moderate treks in the Garhwal Himalaya.  hence it is suggested to trekkers who have high altitude trekking experience. Similarly, Tapovan Nandanvan Trek comes under the best summer Trek in India.

Description of the Gaumukh Tapovan Nandanvan Trek

And this blog of Gangotri Gaumukh Tapovan Nandanvan trek gives you a perfect guideline for trekking in Himalaya. The main attraction of this high-altitude Tapovan Nandanvan Trek in Himalayas is The Spectacular view of the snow-clad peaks and glaciers. The entire trekking trail is filled with beautiful nature’s beauty all around.
 Our Gangotri Gaumukh Tapovan Nandanvan trekking package starts from Gangotri where you can also enjoy the beautiful sights near Gangotri. Tapovan Nandanvan Trek is also a Glacier Trek in India. This trek opens up the opportunity of thrilling adventure along with the fantastic trekking trail. Tapovan Nandanvan Trek in Uttarakhand is a beautiful place to visit. And also the weather of the Tapovan Nandanvan Trek is wonderful with the fantastic beauty of the Himalaya.

Gangotri Gaumukh Tapovan Nandanvan Trek is a trekker’s delight, located at an altitude 4340 meters. Trekking is the best option to collect scenic beauty which spread in the Garhwal Himalayas. The best month to trek Gangotri Gaumukh Tapovan Nandanvan Trek is May- June, September- October. From the top, trekkers can also get an amazing view of Mt Thalya sagar, Kedar Dome, Mt Shivling, Bhagirathi, and also Sudarshan peaks.

There are many good reasons to leave home for a few days. You can also make Tapovan Nandanvan Trek videos with the beautiful scenery.

Day 1: Tapovan Nandanvan Trek – Dehradun to Gangotri

Altitude: 10171 ft

Distance: 241 km drive

Time Taken: 9 hours

Drive starts from Dehradun to Gangotri, takes you through the picturesque view of the Harshil Valley. Gangotri is a perfect place for tourists, which offers ancient temples, attractive natural landscapes, and also beautiful religious shrines. Gangotri is a place where people from all around the world visit, located at an altitude of 3200 meters. Arrival at Gangotri by 5 pm. And then prepare for the next day.

Day 2: Gangotri to Bhojwasa

Altitude: 10171 ft to 12,435 ft

Distance: 14 km

Time Taken: 6-7 hours

Gangotri to Bhojwasa, the trail surrounded by a forest of pine trees with the Bhagirathi river on another side. Through the Gangotri National Park which is also one of the main highlights of the Gaumukh Tapovan Nandanvan Trek.

After 5 hours’ gradual ascent towards Bhojwasa campsite takes you through the adoring streams where trekkers can relax and refill water bottles. You can also pitch your near-flowing river.

The Gaumukh Tapovan Nandanvan campsite is one of the most popular which also offers the magnificent beauty of the surrounding mountains like Bhagirathi I, II, III. Once you reach the campsite, explore the area and then enjoy the night in the tents near the river.


Day 3: Bhojwasa to Tapovan via Gaumukh

Altitude: 12,435 ft to 14,600 ft via 13,452 ft

Distance: 10 km

Time Taken: 5-6 hours

The strenuous climb to Tapovan from Bhojwasa, the picturesque trail follows gorgeous valleys and rocky terrain. This adventurous Gaumukh Tapovan Nandanvan trek is well suited for natural beauty lovers and also photographers.

After that the sight of the Gaumukh showcases the colorful flora and fauna, one can spot the fantastic view of the bird species. The trail towards Tapovan considered one of the most inspiring, it also offers you the overwhelming peaks of the Himalayas. And then, overnight in the tents.

Day 4: Tapovan to Nandanvan and back to Tapovan

Altitude: 12,435 ft to 14,322 ft

Distance: 12 km

Time Taken: 6-7 hours

Today’s trek descent down towards Nandanvan is the most beautiful experience of your life. The Tapovan nandanvan trekking trail takes you through the glacier with the rocky path.

After crossing glacier, the trail is surrounded by beautiful meadows and glaciers. Once you reach the final destination, you may explore the peaceful aura around. Also, spend a few hours with the highest peaks beauty and then back to Tapovan on the same route.

Day 5: Tapovan to Chirwasa

Altitude: 14,322 ft 11,680 ft

Distance: 5 km

Time Taken: 2-3 hours

The trek starts from Tapovan to Chirwasa surrounded with picturesque landscapes, colorful meadows, sharp-edged peaks, and the magical scenery. Gaumukh tapovan nandanvan trek is a true paradise, allows trekkers to see the adventurous trail and the Himalayan peaks.

The winding trail with stunning landscapes takes you to Chirwasa campsite. Reach, relax and then enjoy the vibrant scenery around the campsite and stay in the tents.

Day 6: Chirwasa to Gangotri

Altitude: 11,680 ft to 10,171 ft

Distance: 10 km

Time Taken: 5-6 hours

The entire Gangotri Gaumukh tapovan nandanvan trek will take about 5-6 hours to reach Gangotri. Trek goes through the Bhagirathi River and panoramic scenes of the trail are a treat to your eyes. Follow the same route till Gangotri. Gangotri has many sightseeing places around and also this place is a very popular destination for all tourists.


Day 7: Tapovan Nandanvan Trek – Gangotri to Dehradun

Distance: 240 km

Time Taken: 8 hours

Drive towards Dehradun, the journey takes 8 hours through the mountains and Bhagirathi River to reach the city.

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Additional information

Duration5 days
LocationUttrakhand, India
Treks according to MonthsMay, June, September, October
Gaumukh Nandanvan Tapovan trek

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January 23, 2020

Gaumukh Tapovon Nandanvan trek is a beautiful trek in garhwal himalaya, Uttarakhand. Moderate grade trek. I did this trek with himalayan climber and wonderful moments with team. Hospitality was great.

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I went to gaumukh Tapovon Nandanvan trek with himalayan climber. I would recommend this trek in himalaya with team himalayan climber. The arrangements was up to mark and equipments like tents, sleeping bag, mattress, food was amazing.

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Nandanvan Tapovon trek experience is just above the sky. I enjoyed a lot with team himalayan climber. Need to have basic fitness level to go for the any trek.

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Tapovon Nandanvan trek offers Incredible view of the himalaya. The team himalayan climber was very supportive and friendly. We enjoyed a lot.

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Himalayan climber gave us excellent service. Nandanvan Tapovan trek was my first himalayan trek and I loved it.

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Mesmerizing trekking experience to gangotri gaumukh trek with himalayan climber. The accommodation, food was just amazing. Good wishes to the whole team.

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We 8 had this gaumukh Tapovon Nandanvan trek with himalayan climber. Wonderful moments in himalaya. We had a great time. Hospitality was superb.

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Gaumukh Tapovan nandanvan trek is a challenging one. If you are nature loving person and adventurous trekkers then this trek is perfect. We did this trek with himalayan Climber and it was an excellent experience . They were outstanding in their work.

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Tapovan Nandanvan trek is a best trekking experience with himalayan Climber. The provides each and everything while on trek. Had a lot of fun. We all love it and definitely plan next trekking in himalaya with himalayan Climber.

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