Pin Parvati Pass Trek, one of the toughest treks in Himanchal Himalayas falls on high altitude. Trekking in Himanchal, offers the scenic views on one side of the surrounding frozen peaks. Pin Parvati Pass trekking trail  through the attractive valleys and villages. On the way, trekkers can see the snow leopards, different varieties of birds in the Pin Valley National Park. This is an awesome trekking place in Uttarakhand Himalaya.

Pin Parvati Pass Trek is situated in the Himanchal Pradesh, nestled at an altitude of 17,500 feet above sea level. The trail to the Pin parvati pass trek summit is challenging but well worth the outstanding view. Walk on the glaciers, serene surroundings and the view of the mountains make for a perfect retreat. Pin parvati pass trek is one of the best monsoon trek in Indian Himalayas.


Day 1 : Pin Parvati Pass Trek – Arrival

Gather at Kullu by 11 am and then drive to Barsheni Village to trek towards Rudranath and camp
The adventurous journey of trek will make pleasurable trace when you will reach Kullu by 11 am in morning and will leave for Barsheni Village which is surrounded by thick pine forest and green pastureland. Pin Parvati Pass Trek is considered as one of the best monsoon trek in Indian Himalayas.


Day 2 :  Rudranath to Khirganga

The second day you will move to long trail and continue from Rudranath to move ahead and cross the bridge from here you can see River Parvati. Pin Parvati Pass Trek is very enthralling experience to have fun while trekking and enjoy the enormous landscape view very closely.


Day 3 :  Khirganga to Tunda Bhuj (10,500ft, 5 hours)

Today’s trek will start for Tunda-Bhuj ,which is a steady climb out and form there you can view the Parvati River coming down from mountains left side. The track will move through long meadow-land and chirping of birds will give you gleaming happiness. The road from Khirganga is the first stream crossing start with a constant ascent for about 20 minutes.


Day 4 :  Tunda Bhuj to Thakur Kuan (11,000ft, 5 hours)

As walking down you will reach to pastureland through opaque mixed jungle with profusion of lovely flowers and Greenery Island. The landscape view of Tunda Bhuj is very easy but the distance is some tough as the bridge is very long to cross and time consuming. Crossing the bridge to the further side of the stream take time to follow up the peak. It takes 15 minutes to reach the steady climb as you pass through an inclined rocky meadow land.


Day 5 :  Thakurkuan to Mantalai (13400 Ft. 5 hrs)

The next morning you will feel great after taking long hour rest and get prepare for next follow. You will cross the terrain region and cross the multiple streams coming in your way. Further you will find Parvati River on left part which looks very attractive. Then you will follow the big forest area and meadow land which can be seen aside the Parvati River and enter the Thakur Kuan region which is surrounded by pasture of orchard flowers and tiny tree.

Day 6 :    Rest Day + Acclimatization


Day 7 : Mantalai Lake to Pin Parvati Base Camp (14850ft, 6-7 hours)

After, leaving the striking place of Mantalai Lake you will cross the river lane which is very hefty part of trek and then you will walk through high rocky areas and glaciers. Then, you will climb towards the right side of the slope, follow the trail which is very long and takes 9-10 hours.


Day 8 : Parvati side Base camp to Pin side Base camp trek over Pin Parvati pass 17,500ft (14,800ft, 8 hours)

The journey begins towards Pin parvati pass trek after long hours of rest and after long voyage you will then enter in long valley Spiti Valley. The trekking trail now climbs for an hour amid the glacier and a rock facade. After three hours of sturdy climbing and you will arrive at the top of the Pin Parvati Pass at 17,500 feet from where you can outlook the way of Pin valley towards Srikhand Mahadev.


Day 9 :   Pin valley side camp to Wichkurung Thatch

The trace gets enhance as you will continue from end to end to Pin Parvati Valley. There are two process of crossing the high glacier which is glided by river from three side brook. There in path you can see the lovely garlands and different type of flowers which can be seen all along the way, makes the adjacent view and make very preety sight.

Day 10:   Wichkurung Thatch to Mud, Pin Parvati Pass Trek

After taking rest in camp house you will start for next destination to Mud Village which will take around 5 to 6 hrs and the route was very tough as all over you will find hefty rocks. The view of lovely place Spiti Valley makes a very attractive view and looks very implausible. After, taking lunch on your way you will move to Kaza region. The drive from Mud to Kaza is yet again stunning and offers brilliant outlook of the Spiti valley.


Day 11:   Drive from Kaza to Manali (9 hours drive to Manali) 

The another trail was not so long to cover as you will return back you will take less time approx 6 hours to reach from Kaza to Manali and takes 9 hours to reach. This will fill more enthusiasm while gazing the green pastureland on your way which will mesmerize your trek, give appeal feeling. Coming down is very easier for any trekker. When you will move down you can see waterfall attached to sloppy side of mountains.


Day 12:  Pin Parvati Pass Trek – Departure to Delhi

The audacious pin parvati pass trek has come to an end. And you will move further from Manali and pack your luggage and start back to go your destination. It takes around 6 hours to reach station for going back to Delhi. The courageous trek come to an end and satisfying voyage will become unforgettable for every trekker. 

Additional information

Duration12 days
LocationHimachal Pradesh


  • Meals while on trek (Veg., Egg).
  • All entry fees and permits.
  • Accommodation:- Guest house, camping during Trek.
  • Qualified & mountaineering certified Trek Leader, Guide and Support staff.
  • First aid medical kits
  • Trek equipments (Sleeping Bag, Inner, Mattress, Tents, Kitchen tent, dinning tent, toilet tent).


  • Transport to and from the base camp is to be paid directly to the driver
  • Any kind of personal expenses.
  • Food during the transit.
  • Mules or porter to carry personal luggage.
  • Insurance.
  • Anything not specifically mentioned under the cost.


* Backpack (Rucksack) (60 ltr -70ltr) with comfortable shoulder straps and back pack rain cover
* Walking Stick
* Water Bottle
* Head Torch with Extra Batteries
* Lighter
* Knife
* Down Jacket
* Fleece Jacket
* Windproof Jacket
* Waterproof Trek Pants
* Waterproof Jacket
* Thermal Trouser
* Woolen cap
* Waterproof and Woolen Gloves
* Gaiters
* 5 Pair Woolen Socks & Light Cotton Socks
* Hat
*T-shirt 3-4
* Comfortable Trek Pants 3-4
* Handkerchief
* Monkey cap
Foot Wear
* Trekking Shoes
* Slippers
Miscellaneous Items
 * Sun Block for Lips
 * Sun Protection Cream
 * Sun Glasses it should be U/V Protected
 * Toilet Kit (Toilet Paper)
 * Quick Dry Towels
 * Water Purifying Tablets
 * Medical & First-Aid Kit
 * Hand Sanitizer
* Lunch box
* Buff
* Nail cutter
* I.D.
* Passport size photo
Pin Parvati Pass Trek Guide
Distance from Indian capital new Delhi -Manali via Chandigarh- Mandi and Kullu
(Approximate 550 km including Trek-100 km Pin Parvati Pass – 5310m/17400 ft.)
How to Reach
72 regular train from Delhi to Chandighar – Kalka Shatabdi, Shatabdi, Kalka Shatabdi. additional trains- Snsi Kalka Superfast Express Nanded Una Himachal Superfast Express, Yesvantpur Junction Skrantiexp.
Regular buses from ISBT Kashmiri Gate in New Delhi station to chandighar- simla- khulu station by State buses.
Indira Gandhi International Airport to chandighar- Manali via Chandigarh- Mandi and Kullu Approximate 650 km including Trek-100 km
Manali to Barsheni by car 110 Km – Trek to Khirganga  9 Km – Khirganga to Tundabhuj 12 Km – Tundabhuj to Thakur Kuan 7 Km – Thakur Kuan to Odi Thach 10 Km – Odi Thach to Mantalai  9 Km – Mantalai to base camp 10 Km – Base camp to Pin Parvati Pass 9 Km

A trekking requires a lot of preparations to make sure that are physically and mentally ready for adventure. Here you can learn some basic life and survival skills, planning and organizing in this phase. We are giving some suggestions to make sure you are safe and enjoy your trekking adventure, Because of the changing environment, altitude, and terrains you’ll be facing Climbing & trekking is no small undertaking, so it is necessary that you give some time to prepare before you going to trekking & expedition in Himalayan Mountain.


Prepare your body-

  1. Running, Walk, Running

Running & Walking is the easiest and best for good health and trekking. Since the daunting of trekking & climbing requires long hours of public walk, ride, or drive, you must practice running or walking ablest one hour daily. Long walks during trekking make you tired those times and walk increase your fitness levels.

The benefits of running-

  • Loosing of extra pounds weight
  • Lower risk of heart problem
  • Improve and balance blood circulation
  • Increase stamina
  1. Walking with solder-load or weighted bag

Since trekking requires long time walks with a bag 5 kilos on your solder, a sudden weight on your shoulders. Put 5-6 kilos bag and try to walk 2-3 minutes and repeat this 10 times in 24 hours. If you have weight vest the try to run if you have not weighted vest the fill your bag with some books and wasted newspaper to weight.

  1. Climb stairs Up & Down

A mandatory aspect of trekking is ascending and descending trek. Ascend and descend walking is the most difficult tasks one faces during such trekking. For fitness practice, you regularly climb stairs. Regular climbing stair provides stronger muscles and better mental reflexes. Every day 5-10 minutes of stair climbing or 45 min walk or 20 min running reduces the risk of heart problem and increasing your stamina.

  1. Leg Exercises

Sports like football and hockey which involve running can be the best exercise. Cycling is also best exercise to boost up your muscles. You also follow leg exercises.

  • Sit-ups
  • Leg Curls
  • Cycling
  • Dumbbell lifting
  • Swimming
  • Swiss Ball Wall Squat
  • Stairs walk
  • Leg Curls

Repeat those exercises 2-3 time in a day to prepared for trekking in Himalayas.

  1. Mental and physiological fitness

Mentally and physiological fitness is more important for fitness. If you find some time for yourself then meditate. Meditation is best exercise for the Mental and physiological fitness.

One of the most impotent things for trekking and maintaining is support and encouragement of your family and friends.

Some other type to exercise your body that would give advantages and more benefit during ascent and descent trek way-

  • Yoga, stretching which helps maintain flexibility of your body
  • Stretching helps maintain flexibility
  • Aerobic exercise
  • Stair up and down
Pin Parvati Pass Trek
Pin Parvati Pass Trek
Pin Parvati Pass Trek
Pin Parvati Pass Trek
Pin Parvati Pass Trek
Pin Parvati Pass Trek
Pin Parvati Pass Trek
Pin Parvati Pass Trek
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Pin Parvati Pass Trek
Pin Parvati Pass Trek
Pin Parvati Pass Trek
Pin Parvati Pass Trek
Pin Parvati Pass Trek
Pin Parvati Pass Trek
Pin Parvati Pass Trek
Pin Parvati Pass Trek
Pin Parvati Pass Trek
Pin Parvati Pass Trek

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August 26, 2018

A wonderful experience of Pin parvati pass trek with Himalaya climber Mr. Neeraj Joshi . We successful completed our track with Mr Neeraj Joshi he is very helpful person and provide fantastic facilities and foods. And spent wonderful time with us.
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July 17, 2021

Pin Parvati pass trek is a high altitude trek and best for experience trekkers. Everything was well arranged by himalayan Climber. We recommend this trek to everyone.

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